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Dear Kristen and Henri,

Both of you are such awesome people. We hired you and Keepsake to take care of Mom but the value of your assistance and many kindnesses far exceeded our expectations.

Our satisfaction and happiness was foremost in your minds. And I was able to tell you when I did not like a caregiver (I know I was picky!) but you gave us your best.

Some people are so flaky and I know it is frustrating. Almost all of the ladies you sent us this last time for Mom said Keepsake was the best because of the care and concern you had for your clients and caregivers. What a great testament to your hard work and compassion.

All of the caregivers were so helpful. When I'd wake up in the morning it was like a fairy had come during the night and the kitchen was clean!

As you know, Susanwas with me when Mom passed. I could not have dealt with everything without her. She was amazing. Your hospice trained caregivers were so wonderful.

I can't thank you enough for your support, compassion and caring that you gave to Mom and me over the years.

Once the dust has settled I will write the referral letters I have promised. Thank you!


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